Koraanin ongelmia 2 (Quran Dilemma 2) – Arabia

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Former Muslims Analyze Islam’s Holiest Book – Volume TWO
The role of Islam is paramount in the social life of Muslims. Islam’s influence internationally is both conspicuous and sobering, whether through the power of wealthy or populous Muslim-majority countries or through the large minorities of Muslim immigrants living in Western countries. This growing presence of Islam in the modern world makes The Qur’ān Dilemma an indispensable tool for its audience: readers who are intent in learning more about Islam and readers who are interested in understanding global politics through the prism of Islam, which is the Qur’ān.

Part I: Background Materials
Volume Two of The Qur’ān Dilemma This volume also contains articles to provide readers with the necessary background and context concerning key topics and issues of the Qur’an; “Variant Readings of the Qur’ān: Study Update,” and “Paradise and Hell in the Qur’ān”

Part II: The Qur’ānic Text
Volume Two of The Qur’ān Dilemma will examine sixteen chapters, or suras (Q 10 through Q 25). As in Volume One, this volume will provide commentary on selected verses within the suras of the Qur’ān from three distinct perspectives:

Part III: Summary of Resources and References
The third part of this book contains traditional references as well as other resources to assist the reader in understanding various aspects of the book. All the resources will better familiarize the reader with important concepts particular to the Qur’ān, help the reader in topic searches and related information, and enhance the reader’s contextual understanding and knowledge concerning the beginnings and spread of Islam.

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